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Our 10 Most Popular Muscle-building Workouts


There’s no denying that Men’s Fitness is the ultimate authority when it comes to shedding weight, building huge muscle, and living a healthy lifestyle. From our ultimate beginner’s workout program Opens a New Window. to our 15 most brutal CrossFit WODs Opens a New Window. , we’re constantly putting out top-notch routines.

Still, there are certain workouts that stand out among the rest, and 10 that were especially popular. These training plans are lean, mean, mass-making machines, which probably explains why they racked up hundreds of thousands of views over the last 12 months.

Here are the 10 most popular muscle-building workouts on our site in 2017.


1. The Zac Efron workout to get a beach-ready 'Baywatch' body

To get lean and ripped for Baywatch, Zac Efron reached 5% body fat after just 12 weeks of training, according to his trainer, Patrick Murphy.

The main feature of Efron’s workout routine—easily our most popular this year—is supersetting, an approach that not only saves time, but also doubles as cardio—burning more calories and enhancing the “pump” that drives more nutrition-filled blood into the muscles for fast growth.

2. The 30-minute dumbbell workout program to build muscle

With just a few pairs of weights (two to be exact), this dumbbell-only routine will hit the major muscle groups in your body, and in only 30 minutes a day. From bentover dumbbell rows to goblet squats, this total-body routine will help you build muscle strength and sculpt a better body.

3. The push-pull routine to gain muscle and simplify your training

Cracking the top three is this simple yet extremely effective total-body routine that’ll solve any of your muscle-building problems.

You’ll work your muscles from head to toe each session, burning more calories and releasing more mass-building hormones than you would by hitting just one area at a time.

4. The 20-minute workout routine to get hardcore abs

Want a ripped midsection—and fast? This challenging four-day program is what you should do.

Bonus: It only takes 20 minutes of your day and delivers big results.

5. Michael B. Jordan's and Creed's workout to get the body of Adonis

This routine earned the December 2015 Men’s Fitness cover star the body of a Greek god—and it can do the same for you.

Each session in this four-day program combines cardio and circuit training to melt fat off the abs while tightening them, and each muscle group is trained with volume for a maximum pump. The result? A body that would make Apollo Creed proud.

6. The workout to build a massive chest and get rid of your man-boobs

Nobody likes a guy with man-boobs, so incorporate this rock-solid routine which specifically targets your chest muscles into your regular fitness regimen.

Each session in this two-day routine only has three exercises, meaning you don’t have to spend hours in the gym to build powerful pecs and lose that chest flab.

7. The best dumbbell-only routine to build a colossal chest

Smart and simple, this dumbbell-only routine is your best bet for building the upper body you’ve always wanted.

This workout focuses on higher reps, keeping the muscles under constant tension so they work to exhaustion, and lower weight to allow for a larger range-of-motion. If you’re in the race for bigger gains, this slow and steady routine will help you cross the finish line.

8. The 6-week model body workout plan

Getting the body of a model is no easy task. But this workout program from Jordan Morello Opens a New Window. , a rising fitness model and certified personal trainer, quickly burns fat and builds lean muscle to get you camera-ready in just six weeks.

Whether you’re a total beginner or lifting expert, Morello’s training blueprint will help you lose weight and forge mass in all the right places.


9. The new year total-body reconstruction plan

This is the perfect workout to accompany your New Year’s resolution, whether it’s to drop those nagging 10lbs or build muscle.

Embark on this program in 2018 (or right now) and you’ll see a bigger, leaner, and stronger physique in four weeks or less.

10. The ultimate total-body workout routine to build maximum muscle

This workout contains everything you need to put on size fast—a squat, press, and pullup—done with heavy weights, and you should be able to wrap it up within 45 minutes.

It’s the ultimate in minimalist training, and works perfectly for beginners or people who are short on time.

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Disclaimer * conditions not typical, please consult your doctor before using any product *